Location: Stadium IDP Camp international Rescue Committee(IRC), Nigeria.


Families were left separated, broken and alone through the affects of devastating floods that occurred earlier this year in various villages around Ngala, Nigeria. The aftermath is only where troubles began, people started getting sick due to unclean water sources, the floods being a main cause and overpopulated camps, that can’t sustain as many people that they have. Waterborne diseases such as cholera, started to infiltrate many people and this alone killing 1000’s. It gets worse day by day as men, women, children can’t clean, feed or hydrate themselves without the help of clean, filtered water, giving them very little chance of survival.

These internally displaced people are facing variety of issues, but the basic human need of clean water is the biggest need. They’ve had to face terrorist organisations such as Boko Haram that are continually harassing, killing and running people out of their own villages – thus resulting in these people becoming IDP. We have a responsibility to help our fellow human and to protect the future of Africa, they need help all over the African continent, and we are determined to help resolve as many issues as possible and create an abundance of opportunity and health.

What are we doing to help:

We have now provided another ‘Lifestraw Community Filtration System’, which will help filter dirty water and help make it safe for consumption, washing, cooking and so on. It will help provide 70-100 people with clean, filtered water for the next 5-7 years, helping drop the numbers of casualties faced due to these unclean water sources. Images attached below show the real people behind the stories and who are currently benefitting from the Lifting Africa Foundation’s partnership with Lifestrpaw and their life saving products. This is only made possible if you’re able to change your clothing to a life saving wardrobe, we only ask you to change the way you purchase your clothing and rather purchase your high quality clothing from LiftingAfricaClothing.com as every single sale contributes to the Lifting Africa Foundation and their life changing projects like ‘Project Water’.