We are very happy to announce that from all your support, with the first month of sales from Lifting Africa Clothing we have already been able to fund the start of our first mission within PROJECT WATER.

There is no better way to kick start the new year than to help provide a location in dyer need of a vital resource such as clean, filtered water.

LOCATION: IDP Camp, Ngala, Nigeria.

ISSUE: Detrimental flooding causes mass outbreak of cholera due to lack of clean water and sanitation, 10’s of thousands affected.

HOW ARE WE HELPING: We have used the recent available funds to purchase 4 LifeStraw Community Filtration Devices. Each one will be able hold enough clean, filtered water for up to 70-100 people at a time. Lifetime span of 25’000 gallons, enough for 100 people for 3-5 years.

HOW IT WORKS: Due to the lack of access to clean water, the IDP camp (Internally Displaced Person: usually forced to move due to war, environmental disaster etc) have no other option than to drink unfiltered water, running extremely high risk to infection and diseases such as cholera, in which has already claimed many lives, so clean water is a necessity to preserve life. All they need to do is retrieve unfiltered water and pour it into the device, it is that easy, and now they have a fighting chance!

Join a real movement, inspired through clothing, help us help change millions of lives.