The Lifting Africa Foundation Mission


We sell quality activewear, using a fixed percentage of our profits to fund positive impact projects in Africa through our independent foundation. We are currently focused on the below projects:

Project Water: We focus on providing long-term water filtration systems to areas within African borders with the highest number of deaths of children under the age of 5 years old due to catching waterborne diseases and illnesses caused by the consumption of contaminated water sources.

Project Education: This project focuses on providing vital tools that are needed to aid education – From textbooks, to stationary, to school uniform for children whose families can’t afford it. We target areas most in need in African based countries to provide the opportunity and the right to education.

[See the breakdown of our costs and amounts set aside for our projects down the page]

Bringing Human Rights

To The Forefront.

Our Mission

Fitness Making a Difference

We strive to provide long term, sustainable solutions to inhumane conditions in the most harshest environments within the African continent. We promise to bring basic human needs to those that have fought their entire lives just to survive, we look to free the minds of the future from inescapable circumstances and bring them more health, wealth and most importantly, opportunity.

Check out our projects on our blog page to find out what we’ve been up to.