The Lifting Africa Foundation

Lifting Africa is an online retailer that designs and manufactures active streetwear and apparel. Ranging from a combination of specially chosen blends of fabric to help aid peak physical performance, to custom designs that speak street style with premium quality.

The main difference between us and all of our competitors- is that we give back to the destitute/ the sick and ravaged of Africa’s poorest people – Through our registered foundation- The Lifting Africa Foundation – where every single sale contributes to the funding for our projects that truly shall change and save lives.

Bringing Human Rights

To The Forefront.

Our Mission

Fitness Making a Difference

We strive to provide long term, sustainable solutions to inhumane conditions in the most severely affected and harshest environments within the African continent. We promise to bring basic human needs to those that have fought their entire lives just to survive, we look to free the minds of the future from inescapable circumstances and bring them more health, wealth and most importantly, opportunity.

Check out our projects on our blog page to find out what we’ve been up to.