The Lifting Africa Foundation’s first project looks to tackle the most monumental of issues faced in the majority of the african continent; lack of access to clean drinking water.

Did you know 844 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water? That is approximately 3x the population of U.S.A and more than 13x the population of the United Kingdom. (WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017)

Now, although we would want to eradicate the issue entirely, it is a feat facing decades of dedication, committed time and effort. However, if we are given the long term support we will challenge ourselves to eradicate this issue entirely! Our foundation is focused on bringing basic human needs, like clean, accessible water to those suffering the most without it in the African Continent.

Our first target country is Nigeria. Why do we pick Nigeria? It is the most populated country in Africa, with approximately 154 Million people inhabiting the land. Around 42% of those lack improved water sources and they suffer the highest annual deaths of children under 5 due to unclean water related problems, both of these statistics are the highest in any other African based nation. (wateraid.org & AfricaPublicHealth.info 2015)

Now how are we going to help? Through the funding we receive from Lifting Africa Clothing™ we will be able to provide long term solution filtration systems, using strategic projects with our partnership with Lifestraw®, to help severely affected areas that are in need of immediate attention. These filters will help turn undrinkable water into useful and safe water for consumption, sanitation uses and even providing vital water to provide resources for food.

This is only the beginning, we are going to change the way this world helps people, we are here to make a REAL difference. You can follow our projects and our progress updates on our online blog and our social media platforms @Lifting_Africa_Foundation, and our very own @Lifting_Africa_Clothing to help support our mission, be part of the cause, shop with a purpose and make the difference.